ICEEFT is an international and professional center of the Thriller-Oriented Approach, and aims to create a link between all those who are on the path to this approach.

Mission Statement

ICEEFT serves as a centre of excellence for the promotion of secure, resilient individuals and successful relationships between partners and within families. Our mission includes the further expansion and refinement of the Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) model through process and outcome research. Another central aspect of our mission is to educate health professionals and to increase public awareness about the efficacy of EFT and its role in strengthening relationship bonds.

The ICEEFT General Membership Plan

General membership is open to anyone who has undertaken an approved EFT Externship. Associate membership is available to anyone. The Board and Trainers Committee of ICEEFT want to expand ICEEFT, to facilitate greater communication and sharing within the EFT therapy community, and provide an opportunity for greater networking and growth of EFT in general. You are invited to join and grow with us.
To become a member, click on the ‘Register’ link at the top of this page.

Benefits of membership

  • Periodic quarterly electronic printable newsletters
  • Discounts for conference (Summit) registration (15%)
  • Discounts for purchase of training DVDs (15%)
  • Opportunities for volunteer involvement on Committees or other ICEEFT initiatives and/or to submit questions, EFT tips or items for publication in the Newsletter.
  • Be part of the EFT Listserv (not available to Associate Members)
  • Listing on the website Directory (Must be licensed as therapists or counselors by a governing body. Not available to Student and/or Associate Members)

Membership fees

  • Lifetime membership – $925.00 (taxes included)
  • Regular annual membership – $96.05 (taxes included)
  • Associate* annual membership – $96.05 (taxes included)
  • Student** annual membership – $73.45 (taxes included)

* Associate members are members who have not taken an externship. Associate members may not participate in either the EFT Listserv or be listed in the Directory.

** a “Student” here means a person registered in a post graduate program such as: psychology or marriage and family studies. Student members may not be listed in the Directory.

In non-English speaking countries, where an ICEEFT-affiliated Centre or Community is established, a reduced membership fee can be arranged. For example, the Certified Trainer or Community Director can collect $30 per person on behalf of ICEEFT and submit “lumped together” fees, along with the names and contact information, so members can be listed on the Directory, etc. if they qualify as licensed therapists and wish to be listed.

Responsibilities of members

  1. In general, support the Mission Statement of ICEEFT.
  2. Pay the membership fees as outlined.
  3. Consider contributing to the Newsletter, volunteering on committees or other ICEEFT initiatives / activities.
  4. Members are supportive of EFT, EFT Research and Development in their activities.
  5. Members will not use the Listserv or other ICEEFT Platforms to promote activities not related to EFT/ICEEFT or ICEEFT Affiliated Centers and Communities.